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With our extensive knowledge in intelligent interfaces and user interface tools, we deliver a number of services to address your specific demands in a timely manner. We maintain a strong commitment to quality throughout every stage of the development process.


  • Optimized size-efficient conversion
  • Pricing per number of pages
  • One-time conversion, extra charge per edit
  • Host all files on your server
  • Choice between a number of skins

Our package-based option is appropriate for you if you are looking for a one-time conversion, without doing your own edits to the material. With this option, we receive your PDF clipping, and create the entire ebook for you in an optimized size-efficient manner, ready to go. As an option, you are also provided the ebook as an executable to be distributed on CD media. Instead of being charged per page license (since you are only going to need to display your publication on a single web page, or only offline) you will be charged according to the number of pages. The publication may be displayed at one URL.

  • Privelage to add/edit/remove pages anytime
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Unrestriced page dimensions
  • Host all files on your server
  • Choice between a number of skins
  • 30 days technical support

With our dynamic license option, you are not charged per page anymore, no matter how many hundreds of pages your publication is. When purchasing a new license, you are purchasing a privelage to display your ebook at a certain web page, even if you change the content of your ebook every once in a while. This is appropriate for displaying material with frequently changing content, such as newletters or magazines. To display this ebook (or another one) at an additional web page, you will need to purchase a second license. It is our responsibility to get your ebook working on your page; however, it is your responsibility to cater the correctly formatted page images.

  • Privelage to add/edit/remove ebooks anytime
  • Unlimited number of ebooks
  • All ebooks accessible from same page
  • Host all files on your server
  • Custom interface design
  • 30 days technical support

Want to display all previous issues of your magazine or all documents in an archive using flash-ebook? This is the most appropriate solution: our ebook archiving system. From within the same interface, your visitor will be able to access any of your published ebooks. It is also a more structured process for you in terms of managing your magazine files, instead of purchasing multiple solo ebooks or dynamic licenses. Furthermore, you can create a customized issue selection page, which can easily link to the correct ebook using simple html. With this system, you can cover an unlimited number of ebooks, each with an unlimited number of pages, keeping everything self-operational (you do not need to get back to us).

Our custom services include the following:

  • Scan your magazine, catalogue, brochure, or book for you completely, page by page, and convert it into a flash-ebook.
  • Customize the functionality of your Flash-eBook or develop requested features. Such customization may include book chapter buttons, autoflip actions, audio narrations for each page, reactions to clicking on certain page spots, certain animations per page, etc.
  • Customize the appearance of your Flash-eBook interface. This involves skinning the interface in a different design or rearranging the layout of control items. Through this service, you can choose different page highlight colors, custom icons, specific background images for the pages, etc.

For quotes on special requirements for customized ebook solutions, please send us the specifications of the project to our sales department in order to give you an accurate estimate.



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